Ski – Jumping Betting – Who Will Fly the Furthest at Oberstdorf ? (Feb 22-24)

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Ski-Jumping Betting – Who Will Fly the Furthest at Oberstdorf? (Feb 22-24)

This weekend’s Winter Sports betting action is all about the extreme end of ski jumping, known as Ski Flying. Ski Flying takes place on the large hills with a K-spot over 185 meters. There are only five such hills, and it is Oberstdorf in Germany that these Ski Flying daredevils will converge this weekend, for the biennial Ski Flying World Championships from February 22-24th. Check out Pinnace Sportbook review for up to 50% better Ski Flying betting odds for whole event.

The first two days of the schedule are dedicated to the individual event where Norway’s, Bj