Pinnacle Sports Posts Odds on Likelihood of Mars Impact

Will Recently Discovered Asteroid Impact Mars?
Leading Online Bookmaker, PinnacleSports.com Boldly Goes Where No Sports Book Has Gone Before!

WILLEMSTAD, CURACAO (January 8, 2008) – Echoing so many space disaster movies, a previously undiscovered asteroid named 2007 WD5, measuring the equivalent of five double-decker buses in diameter and with the potential of a 1,000 Hiroshima’s, appears to be on a direct collision course with the planet Mars. Ever prepared to offer interesting and alternative betting markets, PinnacleSports.com today became the first bookmaker in the world to release betting lines on the likelihood of a Mars Impact.

Leading Internet sportsbook, Pinnacle Sports , have posted a Yes/No market on whether this ‘Near-Earth object’ will now collide with Mars at the end of January 2008. The current odds at PinnacleSports.com on a Mars Impact stand at Yes 15/1, with the No 1/20, underlining the most recent projections made by NASA’s Near Earth Object Program (NEOP) who are keeping tabs on the extra terrestrial object.

Missing the Earth by a mere 5 million miles back in November, WD5 was considered a near-miss, and was only identified as it continued its journey away from Earth. Scientists have since become excited by the possibility that the 50 metre wide asteroid could instead impact Mars!

“Oddsmakers at PinnacleSports.com are normally used to predicting the risk in on the outcome of major sporting events from around the World, and although not rocket science, this is a contact sport with a difference”, said Company Spokesperson, Simon Noble. “After opening the odds with the Yes a 20/1 underdog, there has been a downward trajectory in the price and we have now cut the odds following the early betting at PinnacleSports.com with the Yes now priced at odds a quote of 15/1”.

Early calculations from NASA’s NEOP put the probability of a Mars impact at roughly 1 in 75, but the odds were reduced when more accurate information came to light from what space scientists call the Uncertainty Region for WD5! The market looks set to fluctuate further, and PinnacleSports.com will continually update the lines at Pinnacle Sports sportbook.

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