NFL Odds: Vikings, Colts in Hot Seat when it comes to Super Bowl Futures

All of the Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals qualified for the NFL postseason this year, so why have they slipped behind clubs who failed to make the playoffs on the Super Bowl XLVIII futures?

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The Vikings, even with MVP running back Adrian Peterson back at full health, have slid all the way down the list to where they have just 40/1 NFL odds. That’s a mark lower than the Chargers and tied with the Jets.

Washington’s demotion, in contrast, seems more appropriate considering the uncertainty surrounding Robert Griffin III following the horrific knee injury that ended his 2013 playoff run.

Are the Colts and Bengals, though, really less likely to return to the playoffs than those of whom missed out last season? You can imagine youngsters Andrew Luck and A.J. Green might object to such assertion.