NBA Betting: Phoenix Rises, Joins Western Conference Elite

The Phoenix Suns have 75/1 odds of winning the NBA championship this year, but that’s not why they’ve emerged as one of the teams to look out for heading into the final stretch of the season. This Friday they’ll take on the New Orleans Pelicans and oddsmakers ought to take note.

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It wasn’t long ago when the Suns, like the Pelicans, were a fledgling, young team still far removed from contending in the Western Conference. These days, so much has changed.

While the Suns may not be a realistic futures bet, they’ve demonstrated an ability to beat any team any night out. Against the Houston Rockets the Suns were just a two-point underdog and they lived up to the hype falling by just three points to the fifth best team in the NBA.

Against the Pelicans, then, the Suns may be particularly motivated to prove that their days of dwelling in the lottery are over. When it comes to individual game NBA betting lines, Phoenix has joined the elite.