BetOnline Sportbook football specials

BetOnline sportsbook Introduces Fantasy Football Betting.

Looking for a little extra wagering excitement besides typical NFL action? Try our creative, brand-new fantasy football betting. Exclusive to BetOnline sportsbook, each week you can pit teams made up of NFL superstars against each other and predict which group will come out on top. How will a fantasy squad of Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush and Chad Johnson fair against Matt Hasselbeck, LaDainian Tomlinson and Anquan Boldin in a given week?

If you\’re ready for a new betting challenge, try BetOnline sportsbook fantasy football beginning Week 1 of the NFL season.

Pick Your Football Props.

Think you\’re an expert football forecaster? Then take a shot at BetOnline football props and futures. Select the winners of every division, conference and major award. Will the Browns or Steelers win the AFC North? Can the Packers repeat as NFC North champs? Who will win the Heisman trophy?

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