Bet the 2008 World Chess Championship (Oct 14 – Nov 2)

World Chess Championship Betting – Anand v Kramnik (October 14, Bonn).

Beginning on October 14th, the 2008 World Chess Championship will take place between India\’s Viswanathan Anand and Russia\’s, Vladimir Kramnik, in Bonn, Germany. Leading online sportsbook, Pinnacle sportsbook, who specialise in Chess oddsmaking, have listed comprehensive 2008 World Championship chess betting odds for the 12 game match that is scheduled to run until November 2nd. Current World Chess Championship odds show that the chances of the first twelve games ending in a draw are 3.520*, and the odds against, 1.368*.

38 year old Anand, is the defending champion, having won the 2007 title in Mexico City. In 2006 his 33 year old challenger, became the first holder of the unified title classical and FIDE for 13 years, and as such was granted special privilege for a World Championship rematch, as the plans for the 2007 competition had already been made, when the 2006 reunification match was held.

On previous head-to-head form Kramnik holds a narrow advantage of 6 wins to 4, with 41 draws, but Pinnacle sportbook see Anand as slight favourite on their World Chess Championship game handicap odds, with Anand 2.420 (-0.5)*, Kramnik 1.658 (+0.5)*, one of a huge list of 2008 World Chess Championship sports betting markets currently available.