MLB betting

More than any other prominent American sport, baseball is a font of exciting statistics. Enormous tomes, like the Baseball Encyclopedia, have recorded statistical minutae from games dating back to the 19th century. You can find records of RBIs, home runs, on base percentages, walks, strikeouts, career total stolen basis, Cy Young award winners, and more. Armed with this statistical information, a savvy bettor can clean up at the gambling table.

The MLB season gives you a number of betting options that are simply not available for other sports. Over the course of 162 regular season games, division and league series, and the World Series, you can bet on almost every facet of the game. Then, just as soon as the season comes to a close, you can start wagering on next season’s pennant races.

You want to find a service that gives a dime line for every game. Dime lines are based on a $100 system, and they give you the best opportunity to make money. Imagine for some strange reason that the Cubs are favored to beat the White Sox in a cross-town inter-league rivalry game. The Yankees are listed at “-160″ and the Mariners are listed at “+135.” This means you have to put $160 on the Yankees in order to receive a payout of $100. Conversely, a bet of $100 on the Mariners get you $135 if they should win.

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