College basketball betting

The March Madness college basketball betting tournament is one of the most famous, exciting, and watched sporting events of the year. To participate in high-limit wagers on college basketball in a safe, secure environment, sign up for Diamond sportsbook today. Through this site, you can link into a diverse array of action, including moneyline wagering, run line wagering, halftime and quarter wagering, over/under bets, and so on.

You can also engage in something called point buying, which gives you the option to develop your pointspread at the expense of a small percentage of your vigorisk. For special college basketball betting lines events, you can wager a moneyline, pointspread, or combination bet on a single quarter in a game.

Remember that if a college game goes into overtime or double overtime, the points made during extra time will be counted towards the second half of a game. You may parlay halftime or quarter wagers to other basketball bets so long as they are not linked to wagers from the same contest. Parlaying is a nice way to get in on multiple game action and test your statistical and intuitive gambling mettle.

Diamond sportsbook also allows ‘if’ bets. Basically, you can make a bet on a college game, and if that bet wins, the proceeds will be put to another bet in the ‘if’ bet chain. You are allowed to link up to seven wagers this way, and you can thus harvest rather large stakes from small investments. Stay tuned to best sportsbook for updated statistical info and college basketball betting and news.