BetVictor Sportsbook review

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The Victor Chandler business celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and, with that in mind, it seems a relevant time to look back at how the business has grown into the international betting and gaming business that it is today.

The story began back in 1925 when Victor’s grandfather, William, opened up Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium, still a popular sporting venue owned by the Chandler family today. However, it was not until 1946 that Victor Chandler senior created the company as we know it now.

As soon as betting shops were made legal under the 1963 betting, gaming and lotteries act, Victor Chandler began to build up his own retail estate, taking bets in various locations across the south-east of England. It is safe to say that betting shops in 1963 were a far cry from the luxurious betting lounges that Victor operates today.

It was in 1975 that the current Victor Chandler took over the running of the business, heralding the start of a rapid expansion through a series of pioneering ventures. In the early 1990’s, Chandler began to accept football wagers from far-eastern clients and, in doing so, he recognised the potential growth in foreign markets. He opened up an office in Antigua to enable these clients to bet without the need to pay UK tax.

Paying 9% betting tax was something that UK customers had been forced to put up with and Chandler wanted to give his customers better value for money. In 1996, he obtained a betting license in Gibraltar and in 1999 moved his entire business there, employing 350 people and becoming the largest employer on the Rock. Victor Chandler was now able to offer sports betting free from UK tax.

The expansion of the Victor Chandler business has been largely through its online betting platforms which now include extremely successful casino and poker sites, once again, Victor being one of the first to recognise the huge demand for these types of products. He now has offices in Macau and Kuala Lumpur and betting and gaming sites available in a multitude of languages. The business now turns over in excess of ?1billion and has over half a million customers in over 160 different countries.

What has remained constant over the 60 years, is the pioneering spirit, commitment to technology and a willingness to satisfy the customer, qualities that so embody Victor Chandler and his business.

It is no coincidence that Victor is known as “The Gentleman Bookmaker”. He hates to refuse anyone a bet and as the racing journalist and Channel 4 presenter, Alastair Down, once wrote “he is the acceptable face of bookmaking. All right, he is there to part you from your money, but you get a straight deal, a civilised relationship and a sense of humour that reminds you that this game is meant to be fun.”

Within this site you’ll find a massive array of betting and gaming opportunities on all major sports including football, horse racing, golf, greyhound racing, rugby, cricket, snooker, NFL, NHL, NBA, college football and baseball.

With that in mind, we hope you enjoy the Victor Chandler group of websites, and whatever you like to play, be it casino, poker or sports betting, we hope you enjoy your visit.

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