5Dimes sportsbook review

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5Dimes is the gold standard in online gaming, dedicated to providing its customers with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering. With top-of-the-line software and unique gaming opportunities, 5 Dimes takes its players to the next level in online gambling. Wagering has never been more fun and safe, as 5Dimes brings the Las Vegas atmosphere right to your home.

Established in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1998, 5 Dimes surpasses other Internet sites by offering a giant selection of lines, some of the best odds, 24-hour customer service, reliable payouts and secure transactions.

5Dimes is committed to:

* supporting customers with respect
* offering some of the best odds
* delivering an ever increasing selection of wagering opportunities
* enhancing and upgrading our software on a continual basis
* increasing the effectiveness of financial transfers
* satisfying customer needs in a timely manner
* expanding our global presence
* providing a safe and secure environment for our employees
* supporting the offshore wagering industry

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